Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seattle vacation

We went to Seattle the end of July for a much needed family vacation. It was so much fun to see family and check out some great places. Here are some pictures we took:

Hanging out by the waterfront

The boys were all so excited to see the guys that throw the fish - when it came down to it they were a little hesitant. Landon wouldn't go anywhere near the "disgusting fish" as he put it.

I really miss all the fresh flowers in buckets at Pike Place - they are so beautiful and cheap!! This picture doesn't do them justice at all!!
We even got to go out on grandpa's boat. We went in waves so unfortunately there aren't any pictures of Brayden and Tarell, but isn't Landon cute driving the boat?? These are a tad little blurry but too cute! They were being so silly!

The boys loved the Space Needle! We were so high up!
Of course we had to get a picture with all the grandkids - aren't they a handsome bunch? Maybe next time they will sit still - right!! If anyone got a good picture I would love to have it!
We also went to cousin Tom's wedding - I wish we had some pictures of that. The boys all looked so handsome and Tom and Rebecca looked beautiful! And Aunt Anita - we didn't get a picture of you either! We are horrible! We miss you all and wish we could see you more often!
We had such a great time! Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us! We love our family!