Tuesday, August 24, 2010

San Diego 2010

For our summer vacation we went to San Diego this year and had a blast!! There was so much to do. We:
Went to the beach
Spent a day at Sea World
Hit up Old Town
Played at the Mormon Battalion (a MUST!!)
Hung out at the beach again

Here are some of the pics we took while there

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Saturday, August 7, 2010


So everyone has been asking about any special cravings I've had lately and it makes me laugh. It seems that I've craved almost everything I could at one point or another. When I was pregnant with Brayden I really craved Jack-in-the-Box tacos - weird right? With this baby it changes about every 5 minutes but I can't always satisfy them due to the overwhelming and constant nausea.

Funny story - for about the first 2 weeks after finding out the fantabulous news all I wanted to eat were Hebrew National hot dogs (specifically) and cheddar & sour cream potato chips. I never actually got to eat either of these things though. Toward the end of this craving the nausea was becoming unbearable so I called my doctor and asked for a prescription of Zofran - I specifically asked for Zofran because it has fewer side effects and is totally safe. When they called back they wanted me to first try eating potato chips and drinking lemonade. WHAT?!?! I explained that I hadn't been able to eat anything for about 2 days because I was so sick and they wanted me to eat this? The thought only added to the nausea. Well, I never did try this but I had to laugh at the suggestion. I finally did get the Zofran after 2 additional phone calls and an entire weekend. Luckily it helps a little but they also gave me Phenargan, which helps but knocks me out. Oh well. I'm happy to be nauseaous - it means that I really am pregnant still. YIPPEEEE!!

If anyone has any nausea helps I will happily take them - as long as they don't involve potato chips and lemonade.