Thursday, November 12, 2009

October 2009

Boy have we been busy! But for some reason we didn't take a lot of pictures...oops! But, we did take some Everyone is still doing fabulous and we are having fun.
Brayden had his first field trip and I got to go with him! All the kindergarten classes went to Schnepf Farms for their Halloween festival and it was so much fun! There were fun kiddie rides, pig races, and we got to pick a pumpkin at the end. There were also enough parent chaperones that we each got 2 kids and then split up to have some fun! I had Brayden and his friend "A" and it was great. I hope I always get to do the fieldtrips with the boys!

The weekend of the 24th Gilbert had a Halloween party at Freestone park. There were fun games and bouncy slides, as well as a few characters. It was a lot of fun and something that we will definitely make a tradition!

We also got to have 2 Halloween's this year. On the 30th our ward had a Trunk-or-Treat so the boys got to dress up and we even did a trunk. There was a great turnout and the boys got a ton of candy! We even won first prize for best trunk! Woohoo!! The boys costumes looked awesome too and they were so in love with them - that's the best part! We had a mad scientist, Zorro, and a cute little scarecrow.

Then, on Halloween night, we went to the Queen Creek Trunk-or-Treat. That was a lot of fun too! In addition to the trunks there were a bunch of kids games they got to play for more candy. Unfortunately Tarell wasn't with us for Halloween night but he had his own fun. And, we ended up with WAY TOO MUCH CANDY!! I think next year we may find an alternative to keeping the candy.
**Stay tuned for birthday pics for Brayden and Landon!