Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's about time!!


After much searching and trying to come to a decision (which is not easy for us!) we finally found something. I really wanted something big like the Expedition and Mark wanted something more economical, so we compromised. Our new vehicle is more economical but not as big as its predecessor. We decided on a Honda Pilot and so far we love it. We both feel like we got a great deal on it - she is a 2007 with extremely low miles and my favorite feature is the navigation. I never thought I would use it (I'm usually pretty good with directions) but it has been so much fun. I have to be careful though and not use it when driving! I promised Mark that I will not have another accident!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nothing exciting or fun has happened with us lately....until yesterday. What happened wasn't fun and the excitement was not a good excitement. After 30 years of being completely accident and ticket free I(Erin) can now only say I am ticket free. Yep, I was in an accident.

I had just left my house for school and had to go east on our strret, into the sun, since there was construction blocking the other end of our street. The houses usually block most of the sun so it isn't too difficult to see. But, as I was about 3 houses away from ours, the sun broke through the houses and blinded me. Naturally I started to slow down but didn't see the parked industrial size trailer that I slammed into. I hit the side of the trailer head on in our Expedition at only about 15 mph but holy cow - I never knew how much damage could be done at that slow of a speed. I have HUGE bruises over my chest and the rest of my body is so sore I can hardly move at times. Thank goodness nothing is broken and I was the only person involved.

When Mark got home to help me figure out what to do (since I had not idea) and saw the damage he was shocked. The Expedition didn't take the accident very well at all and that surprised us both. The seat belt didn't work properly and I slammed into the steering wheel and the airbag didn't go off. That might be a blessing since I don't really want a broken nose or arms but it still makes me worry about the safety of the vehicle. But, as Mark pointed out, if I had been in the Altima the top would have likely been taken off and who knows what would have happened to me...crazy to think about that!

Brayden was pretty upset that I "crashed the Monster Truck" and he really wants to know who put the trailer in my way. His concern is very cute. He wants to know when we will get the monster truck back or when we will get a new one. Mark has been so wonderful and helpful during this too. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband. Not once has he been anything but loving and understanding and thankful that things weren't worse. He has been catering to my every need and has taken time to take me to the doctor and totally take care of Brayden. Thanks my love - you are the best!

We did hear from the dealership trying to fix the truck and it is looking like it will totalled! Wow! A minor crash totalled my big SUV - unbelievable. So, I don't think we will be buying a Ford again. A few pics are posted down below - I wish I had taken some pics of the non-existent damage to the trailer.

Anyone have any suggestions for a large SUV that won't be more than our mortgage??