Monday, June 27, 2011

4 months

 Time just seems to fly by these days. All of a sudden our sweet little Davin is no longer a newborn but a 4 month old! He is getting so big. His most recent stats:

Weight 13.38 lbs (17th %) 
Height 25.75 in (77th %)
Head circumference 16.25 in (23rd %)

So, basically he is long and skinny with a tiny head - but a big brain! He is one smart little guy of course.

Some fun facts at 4 months:
~Smiles ALL the time and has the cutest little laugh
~Thinks his brothers are just the greatest and loves to be with them - and the feeling is mutual
~Loves to watch TV and cries when he hears it but can't see it
~Is reaching out for us
~Reaches for his toys to grab and play with them
~Loves to push the buttons on his bouncer toy so he can hear the music and see the lights and then thinks we are all crazy when we stand around just to watch him do it
~Had been teething for about a month now (drooling and chewing like crazy) but nothing to show for it
~He can still wear his 0-3 month shorts and size 2 diapers
~Has HUGE feet but they are super skinny with really long skinny toes. His feet fit in size 2 shoes, but are almost grown out of them
~Loves to stand and bounce on our laps and loves to play 1-2-3 stand! He almost always will stand on 3
~Thinks he is such a big boy when he sits in his high chair or his Bumbo at the table for meals
~Really likes eating real food, except for peaches which make him gag
~He is trying so hard to rolling over
~Loves to talk and even try to imitate tone of voice so he can call to daddy or his brothers - so cute!
~Sleeps from about 10pm until 6 or 7am everyday
~He is just the cutest, most loving little guy ever!!

It is so fun to see how much he grows every single day!


1 Month

2 months

3 months 

4 months



Saturday, June 11, 2011

Got a little catching up to do...

I am so far behind (how did that happen??) and I don't really even know where to start...everyone is doing great! The boys are growing and happy to be on Summer break. I went back to work in April and am so happy to be back, although I feel a little overwhelmed at times with everything (but that's life right??) and Mark is doing great with his job. Everyone is healthy and happy, yay! We have had so much going on, I'll try not to forget anything...

Nancy (Mark's mom) came to visit for a week and we had so much fun with her!

Brayden played baseball (he was #12) and did awesome! And he loved it!! He and Landon can't wait to do it next year.

Tarell had an end of the year concert for band - he played the trumpet this year and did such a great job! Sadly, we can't seem to load the video we took, but here's a picture of him. He loves jumping on the trampoline at Grandma's house.

Brayden was given an attendance award the last week of school and he was so proud. We are so proud of him too!

We have spent a lot of time playing at the park- Mark had way too much fun there.

Brayden and Landon are doing swim lessons and LOVING it.

We got new family pictures. My super talented cousin Kami too them and we just love them! She also took Davin's newborn pictures, which turned out amazing! I strongly recommend her!!

And last, I just had to add this picture in here. Davin is growing up so fast - he's 4 months already - and he is so cute!!