Friday, April 30, 2010


The past few months have been very busy for, school, extra activities, etc. Life is fabulously busy all the time. Here are a few of our activities - loaded with pictures of course.

Mark's family came to visit and we had a blast with them! We took more pictures than you will see here but I can't find them. But we have great memories! We spent a day at the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium and I definitely recommend it. It is quite a drive but so great! Mark took the boys on a great log ride and they all got soaking wet! We also saw some weird creatures and the boys pet a stingray - good times!

Easter weekend was a lot of fun too. We colored eggs at my parents and the next day we had an egg hunt. The boys loved it!
Spring in AZ is beautiful so we have spent a lot of time playing outside.

Brayden has had a wonderful year in kindergarten so far. His reading skills are amazing and he loves math! He can add and subtract double digit numbers and is reading Tarell's books now - amazing! They have also learned about cowboys and got to dress up and had a field trip to see dinosaur bones at the Natural History museum, just to name a few of his favorite topics. Brayden also just started soccer and is quite the player!

Landon just started a new preschool/daycare and is loving it! He has made some new friends and continues to develop such a fun little personality. We have been a little worried that his vocab skills are a little behind but the past few weeks his language has just exploded! He loves to ask questions and learn and it is so fun to see!

Tarell is the best big brother ever!! He is such a great helper all the time and is growing up so fast. Although he loves school he is really looking forward to summer. He keeps asking what we are going to do over the summer - I guess I should start planning since it is coming up so fast!