Friday, November 21, 2008

Nope, still not the right time

I guess that says it all. But, the time will come. I'm sure!

Thanks for all your prayers - we love you all!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Will it happen THIS time?

We got word that our family is being considered again for another sibling group adoption. We are kind of excited but are being careful to not get too excited, since last time we got disappointed. We should know by late tomorrow afternoon if we were chosen or not - there are 3 families being considered and only one will be chosen at the meeting (called a red file staffing) tomorrow afternoon. So, please keep us in your prayers that what is supposed to happen will happen.

We aren't going to give any more information about the kids until we know for sure - then we will tell everyone how many kids, ages, gender. For now we will just say that we will get enough to fill our house and make life very fun and interesting! The boys are super excited too - they really want this to happen. We'll keep you posted! Thanks for your prayers and we love you all!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

4 years old!!

Exactly 4 years ago today, at 12:17pm, my sweet Brayden made his incredible debut into the world. The past 4 years have been so wonderful with him, I really couldn't imagine life any other way. I love this big guy so much! A few things about Brayden that I love so much:

  • His big blue eyes and cute smile. He has 4 super cute dimples that just make his face light up.
  • He is funny and love to make people laugh. (see last post about his joke)
  • Brayden is so caring about other people. He worries about how others feel and is always trying to make other people feel better when they are sad.
  • He is friendly to everyone and love to have friends.
  • Brayden is so inquisitive...all the time! his favorite questions are "why?" and "then what will happen?" and always has to know the REAL answer, not something made up.
  • He is so considerate (most of the time!) of others feelings and tries to include everyone.
  • He is super smart!
  • He loves to help with everything!

So, Brayden's birthday kind of turned into an entire weekend thing. We started on Friday by going to Peter Piper Pizza, also known as kid heaven! Seriously, where else can you drop a good chunk of change for pizza and tokens, the kids can play happily for hours, and then walk out of there with "treasures"! It was so much fun!

Then on Saturday we had a birthday lunch and Brayden opened his presents. He had already seen them wrapped in the garage and just couldn't wait anymore - he had to have them.

On Sunday we had another birthday lunch after church with Grandma and Granddad! Lots of birthday celebrating for a special kiddo. We love you Brayden!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Brayden's joke

On the way home from Brayden's school today he told me a joke. What makes this such a "blogging" occasion you ask? Well, it was his first joke that actually made sense and wasn't well rehearsed - it just came out of the blue.

Brayden: "Why did the duck cross the playground?"

Me: "I don't know."

Brayden: "To get the other SLIDE!!"

And then he cracked up, as did I, for about 10 minutes. It was hilarious! I also thought that he was asking me a legitimate question - those of you who know Brayden knows that he has a knack for asking random, incessant questions - so the joke was a total surprise! I just can't get enough of him!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween was so much fun for the boys this year. We started by carving the pumpkin of course. It took a few minutes for them to get past the gross feeling of the pumkin "guts" and Brayden actually gagged with the first whif - it was so funny! Eventually they really got into it though and had a blast cleaning it out. Here is the finished product.

Halloween night we took the boys to the Queen Creek annual Trunk-or-Treat and it was packed!

We couldn't even get Brayden to look at the camera - he was in awe. A real Storm Trooper!

There were lots of kids activities sponsored by groups in the community so the boys got to play some games to earn candy. Then for the Trunk-or-Treat portion there were about 40 cars in the parking lot and the boys were hooked up! Their bags were so full! But the best part of the night was seeing the Storm Troopers and C3-PO. Since Tarell was Darth Vader the Storm Troopers would even solute him when they saw him and he would salute right back just like it was normal. It was so funny!

Their favorite activities were the cow milking contest and the pumpkin put.

This is definitely going to be a yearly tradition - it beats traditional trick-or-treating!