Monday, November 17, 2008

4 years old!!

Exactly 4 years ago today, at 12:17pm, my sweet Brayden made his incredible debut into the world. The past 4 years have been so wonderful with him, I really couldn't imagine life any other way. I love this big guy so much! A few things about Brayden that I love so much:

  • His big blue eyes and cute smile. He has 4 super cute dimples that just make his face light up.
  • He is funny and love to make people laugh. (see last post about his joke)
  • Brayden is so caring about other people. He worries about how others feel and is always trying to make other people feel better when they are sad.
  • He is friendly to everyone and love to have friends.
  • Brayden is so inquisitive...all the time! his favorite questions are "why?" and "then what will happen?" and always has to know the REAL answer, not something made up.
  • He is so considerate (most of the time!) of others feelings and tries to include everyone.
  • He is super smart!
  • He loves to help with everything!

So, Brayden's birthday kind of turned into an entire weekend thing. We started on Friday by going to Peter Piper Pizza, also known as kid heaven! Seriously, where else can you drop a good chunk of change for pizza and tokens, the kids can play happily for hours, and then walk out of there with "treasures"! It was so much fun!

Then on Saturday we had a birthday lunch and Brayden opened his presents. He had already seen them wrapped in the garage and just couldn't wait anymore - he had to have them.

On Sunday we had another birthday lunch after church with Grandma and Granddad! Lots of birthday celebrating for a special kiddo. We love you Brayden!


Linda said...

Happy Birthday!! It has been a busy 4 years for all of you! By the way, I am worked at the ER from p.m. 'til 12 hrs later a.m. & had a couple of hours commuting added on, got home, jumped into church clothes and went to church for 3 hours, fixed late lunch for family before collapsing and then you blogged about it at 6 am? Did your mother teach you nothing about the need for sleep?

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Brayden! 4 years old is the best!

Kellie Openshaw said...

happy Bday Brayden, we can't wait to be able to spend more time with you!

Tarell is looking so much like his daddy is those photo's! and the little girl with black curly hair in the arcade could totally be Amaya! The cake looks SO yummy, and my fav photo is chocolate all over Braydens face and those big blue eyes, what a cutie!