Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Brayden's joke

On the way home from Brayden's school today he told me a joke. What makes this such a "blogging" occasion you ask? Well, it was his first joke that actually made sense and wasn't well rehearsed - it just came out of the blue.

Brayden: "Why did the duck cross the playground?"

Me: "I don't know."

Brayden: "To get the other SLIDE!!"

And then he cracked up, as did I, for about 10 minutes. It was hilarious! I also thought that he was asking me a legitimate question - those of you who know Brayden knows that he has a knack for asking random, incessant questions - so the joke was a total surprise! I just can't get enough of him!


Amy said...

Thats awesome. Love it when their personalities just keep developing!

Kellie Openshaw said...

So, your a funny man Brayden? What a total cutie~!

Laurel said...

Oh man that kid cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

We love these updates! So much fun! We think of you often. Evan spent the first month of kindergarten coming home with drawings of himself, Davis & Brayden (at least 10 of them, I keep meaning to mail one. I asked him how come Tarell & Ella weren't in his pictures and he calmly explained that "Ella is still too young, and Tarell is Davis' spcial cousin--Brayden is MY special cousin." It was very cute. He still thinks that he is going to get a special trip to AZ and have his own sleep-over with Brayden. It looks like we will ALL be coming to AZ in April of 09!

Jennifer W.

Linda said...

That joke is just as funny the 89th time he told it to me as it was the 1st time!