Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's about time!!


After much searching and trying to come to a decision (which is not easy for us!) we finally found something. I really wanted something big like the Expedition and Mark wanted something more economical, so we compromised. Our new vehicle is more economical but not as big as its predecessor. We decided on a Honda Pilot and so far we love it. We both feel like we got a great deal on it - she is a 2007 with extremely low miles and my favorite feature is the navigation. I never thought I would use it (I'm usually pretty good with directions) but it has been so much fun. I have to be careful though and not use it when driving! I promised Mark that I will not have another accident!


Laurel said...

You didn't mention what a great color it is! I love it too, what a great deal... See? every car crash has a silver lining. - Well, almost. =)

Sawyers Family said...

I think the Pilot is a great car! My in-laws have one and we love to ride in it! Plus, there's room for all kinds of luggage when you go on trips...you should come to NC to visit us!!

Kellie "kiki" Openshaw said...

Great news! We are looking forward to catchin'a lift in your sweet ride next time we are in AZ. I was excited to be able to see and read your blog for the first time. Brayden and Tarell are handsome fellows.

Mikala said...

OH MY GOSH GIRL! So, I guess I need to be checking your blog more often! You're as good as I am at posting tho! =)
I'm grateful to hear that you are all right. Thank goodness you moved away from Utah or one of the many construction sites may have done you in long ago! I miss ya and we will have to get together soon!
Stay away from parked objects!