Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Father's and Son's outing

The guys had a great time on their campout! They roasted marshmallows, had hot chocolate, slept in a tent, had a campfire, and did all the typical camping activities. The highlight for Brayden was throwing things in the fire and Tarell said he liked it all. They can't wait to go again next year!
Setting up the campsite. Ok, granddad is doing ALL the work! Thanks granddad!!


Sawyers Family said...

How fun!! My boys are going this weekend! I am so excited to get a break from a toddler...is that bad? I'll have to keep Maylee, but that's fine with me!
Yea for the fun camp-out experience!

Laurel said...

Too fun! I'm glad they were able to all go and get in their "man time" together. Hope you had a fabulous time too, Erin. =)

Linda said...

Next year, you ought to keep track of how many mom hours go into preparing for & cleaning up following the father & sons camping trip. That is where the real story is! I am so glad they had fun and want to do it again!