Friday, January 22, 2010

My attempt to catch up...

A few months ago I was working on my laptop on the couch as we all watched a movie. In the excitement of the movie, one of my dear children accidentally knocked the small table that had my computer on it and spilled my drink....all over my laptop!! Apparently, rootbeer + laptop = fried motherboard. Bummer!! Sadly, my internet capabilities were greatly hindered by this. But, I am now back up, sort of. I have another computer that is several years old and sooooo slow, but it works! YAY!!

Well, the title says it all. I am waaaayyyy behind in blogging and have missed several major events. Let's see if I can catch them all now.

November 17th was Brayden's birthday. He's 5!! I can't believe it! He is so grown up, it just amazes me everyday. He started kindergarten this year and is doing amazing. He is learning math (addition and subtraction) and is reading. He gets so excited when he realizes he CAN do these things. So, for his birthday we just had a small party - grandma and grandad came over for Brayden's favorite dinner, spaghetti and meatballs. (The second picture was the present that grandma and granddad gave Brayden - it was a Star Wars toy wrapped to look like a robot! It was the greatest thing!)

November 20th was Landon's 3rd birthday. He is growing up so fast too and changes everyday. He is definitely feeling comfortable and part of our family and is, most often, a typical 3 yr old. He can be the sweetest thing but can be a terror too. Then he smiles and it's so hard to get mad at him - and he knows it so he uses it to his advantage! He loves to play and is always laughing - sometimes I'm not sure he knows what he is laughing at but that laugh is so cute! For his birthday, we had to celebrate a little late because Landon was sick but we did celebrate. Thanksgiving morning we met with grandma and granddad for a "Birthday Breakfast". Landon picked out his favorite doughnuts for everyone - he loved it.

The last day of school in December was Brayden's school performance and it was just too cute! His class sang "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and looked so adorable! He was pretty nervous at first but quickly got into the routine and did awesome.

(here is Landon waiting patiently for the performance)

Brayden is the youngest kid in his class but notice how much bigger he is? He is at least a head taller than everyone else. Hopefully one day all the other kids will catch up to him.

Ok, I think that gets us caught up until Christmas so that will come next.


Me and my boys!!! said...

So cute, Erin...What a beautiful family!!!

Sawyers Family said...

Your boys are so cute! Thanks for updating! Sorry to hear about your computer...what a bummer!

Anonymous said...

It was great to take a few minutes and catch up. What beautiful boys you have, and congratulations on the finalization of the adoption formalities. What a relief. We love you all!

Love, The Wiecherts

Anonymous said...
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