Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby update

I just got back from my doctor appointment and thought I would update. So far everything is still looking great. My blood pressure is holding steady, still high, but not so concerning as a few weeks ago. Because I've been deemed "high risk" (because of the blood pressure) I have had a ton of appointments and careful monitoring. I now see the doc twice weekly for testing, which includes an ultrasound to check fluid levels and a non-stress test for the baby, as well as monthly ultrasounds. Even though I feel like I am ALWAYS at the doctor it's been nice to be able to see this kiddo more often. The difficult part has been that I see a different doctor each week - this practice is set up differently than others so I don't see the same provider, instead I see whoever is there that day. Unfortunately that means that I sometimes get different answers to questions and dates and such. But, at least they all agree that this baby is looking great so far.

Today we found out that he is approximately 4 lbs and 11 oz and right on target and he has been doing somersaults and is now head up (first time ever!!)! It looks like he will be a little bigger than Brayden but I also think the doc will let this guy stay in-utero a little longer than Brayden did. We got some cute pics (unfortunately our scanner isn't working though!) that showed him sucking his thumb. We also saw that he has huge pinchable cheeks and a ton of hair! He has a very similar profile to Brayden so we are pretty sure they will look alike, but we will see. We just can't wait to see and hold this little guy.

I asked the nurse practitioner today when she thought we might expect to be induced, assuming I would be based on the other doctors thoughts. She didn't seem to think that I will need inducing early at all, which is kind of disappointing for me - this bedrest is getting old!! One doctor told me that she wanted to induce me around 34 weeks, another said around 35 or 36 weeks, another said keep cooking until 39 weeks, and then today not at all. Oh well, I just want him to be healthy. I would like to be induced though - the thought of just going into labor kind of scares me. With Brayden I was induced at 35 weeks and once my water broke I pushed twice and he was out within 20 minutes. If that happens with this one we are in trouble because we are about 30 minutes from the hospital. Oh well, I'm sure there is a U-Tube video we could watch to figure out how to deliver this baby in the car if necessary, right??

We can't wait for this little guy to make his appearance, no matter when or how, which could be anytime betweek 1-6 weeks. He is so loved already and will definitely need to be ready for lots of attention


Jamie said...

I'm glad everything is okay!

Sawyers Family said...

Glad to hear all is well. And funny how birthing stories of cousins can be so similar, meaning I push just a few times and my babies are here, too!

Me and my boys said...

Keep the faith and good luck. My sister in law delivered her son in the car on the way to the hospital and he is okay. You can do it, just bring your cell phone and drive like CrAzY!!! We all can't wait to see pictures of this little guy!!!