Sunday, February 27, 2011

2 weeks!!

Our sweet little Davin is 2 weeks old now! I can't believe how quickly the past 2 weeks have gone!! It has been so fun to have a little baby again, but I have forgotten just how much work it is and how long it takes to get out of the house when we go anywhere! Oh, and let's not forget how much stuff we have to take with us now - I feel like a brand new parent all over again. :-) But, I'm loving it!

Here are a few fun things about Davin:

- He is so mellow and sweet!! He hardly ever cries!

- He is super smart (I may be a little biased, but you wait and see!!). By day 2 he learned how to hold his binkie in his mouth with his hand and can even put it back in if it falls out. He is also trying to hold his own bottle - so cute!

- He has great head control and tries really hard to sit up. It looks like he is doing mini crunches.

- He LOVES to sleep! Definitely my boy!

- He is wide awake every morning from 1-4 am.

- He LOVES music and sometimes when we sing to him he will sing along - ok, he just makes noise, but I like to think he is singing. :-) On the rare occasion that he is upset over something, he can be easily calmed with a quick song.

- He doesn't tolerate milk (sad) so we had to switch him to soy and he is a much happier baby.

- Davin loves to listen to stories and will stare intently at the person talking to him (if you can catch him awake!!)

- He loves his brothers and is the happiest when they are around. They get more smiles than any of us. His brothers just adore him too!

- He is super ticklish everywhere! His whole body spasms if you touch his back, head, face, stomach, ears, or feet and sometimes it sounds like he giggles a little.

- He is very stubborn! If we don't get him what he wants when he wants it he doesn't get upset, he just makes us wait until he decides to take it. Usually it's his bottle and he will purse his little lips until he decides he is ready. It's so funny!

- Davin has the biggest feet and longest toes of any newborn I have ever seen! His feet don't really fit in any of his newborn clothes (even though the clothes themselves are a little big because he is so small!) and his toes curl around your finger. It's so cute!! Someday he will grow into those feet.

We are so blessed to have this sweet little guy in our family! We love him so much!!


Jamie said...

Seriously such a cutie!

Jenny Knudsen said...

I need to meet this little smarty pants ;) He is absolutely adorable!!!

Samuel Openshaw said...

I Love it! And just think, he's only 2 weeks old :)!

Mikala said...

Congrats honey! I have been sooo out of touch with the world that even though I knew you would eventually give birth, I didn't realize time had passed so quickly! Such a cute! Hope you are doing well! Miss and love ya tons!