Saturday, June 14, 2008


My friend Mikala tagged me so here goes...

A: ATTACHED OR SINGLE – happily married
B: BEST FRIEND(s) – My husband and my mom
C: CAKE OR PIE - Why must we choose?? Since I must choose – pie.
D: DAY OF CHOICE – Saturday – no school and I get to spend the day with the fam
E: ESSENTIAL ITEM - my cell phone or my laptop
F: FAVORITE COLOR – changes by the day - anything bright
G: GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT - Hmmmm...nearing the end of nursing school - it's been a LONG road but only 6 months to go!
I: INDULGENCES – Reading something other than a nursing textbook!
J: JANUARY OR JULY – January – it isn’t so blasted hot then
K: KIDS - 2; Tarell 7 1/2 and Brayden 3 1/2
L: LIFE IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT - My kids and husband
M: MARRIAGE DATE – March 27, 2004
O: ORANGES OR APPLES – Green Granny Smith apples
P: PHOBIAS OR FEARS – Losing one of my kids
Q: QUOTE - Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
R: REASON TO SMILE - any day without homework so I get to play with the boys S: SEASON - Winter - I love the cooler weather and of course Christmas!
T: TAG THREE FRIENDS – Carol, Kristin, Laurel
U: UNKNOWN FACT - I plan on pursuing my education and someday get my NP license
V: VERY FAVORITE STORE – Target – you can get almost everything there
W: WORST HABIT - I drink a Coke a day - I can't seem to give it up
X: X-RAY OR ULTRASOUND – No difference to me
Y: YOUR FAVORITE FOOD - anything Mexican and spicy with green chiles
Z: ZODIAC - Cancer

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Laurel said...

Too fun, I will TRY to keep the game going. Sometimes these are really hard for me. =)