Monday, June 16, 2008

Our daddy (from Tarell and Brayden)

10 reasons why we have the BEST daddy EVER!!
10. He works hard so he can buy us toys
9. He buys us treats
8. He lets us play in the backyard in the water
7. He helps us if we need; like when Tarell is tickling Brayden, daddy will help
6. He is always trying to make us happy
5. He takes us to the park
4. He plays with us and reads us books
3. He likes to wrestle
2. He us funny and makes us laugh
1. He loves us very much!

Tarell and Brayden came up with each of these reasons and were so excited to post them on the blog -it was so cute! They want everyone to know that they love their daddy SOOOOOOOO much and he is the BEST daddy EVER!

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Linda said...

Sweet post! It takes a great mommy to make a happy Fathers' Day. Congratulations to you all!