Monday, July 7, 2008

Any ideas???

Brayden has been asked to give his very first talk in Primary this Sunday. He is so very excited and I'm NERVOUS!!! He can't wait to get up in front of everyone and talk into the "speakerphone". When I asked him what he wants to talk about he confidently stated "Pirates". I tried explaining that we need to give a talk about something that would make Heavenly Father and Jesus happy and he said that "Pirates would make Them happy". I guess the topic is all up to me then!

So, I'm looking for some ideas for a Sunbeam talk on a subject OTHER than pirates. Got any ideas??????????


Sawyers Family said...

This month in Primary we're talking about Missionaries. The song for the month is "Called to Serve". He could talk about how he wants to go on a mission one day and about how he can be a missionary now!

Dad/Grandad Owens said...

I too really like the Missionary idea. That's a very hard subject to Top.