Friday, July 11, 2008

Brayden had surgery yesterday to have tubes put into both ears and his adenoids out - YEAH!!! No more ear infections and hopefully no more snoring at night! When we went to the ENT a few weeks ago for the consultation he did a hearing test and found out that Brayden has moderate hearing loss due to all the recent infections and fluid build-up. I was thinking that everytime he said he couldn't hear me he was just trying to get out of something - I felt so bad!! Luckily the hearing loss is reversible and we are already noticing a HUGE difference. I whispered to him from the other side of the room and HE HEARD ME. It was wonderful! He has had a little pain from the adenoid removal but not too much.

He was really excited about the surgery and was pretty wired that morning. We we were scheduled for 8AM so we had to be there at 6:30AM and he was so happy, I was amazed. Not once did he cry or complain. I had explained to him what would happen so he was prepared. As he was wheeled away from us (we had to wait in the waiting room) he just smiled and waved, then turned his attention to the cute blonde nurse with him - always the ladies man!! Here he is before the surgery, walking into the center.

No, he isn't screaming, he is just wired but we weren't really sure why!

I didn't take any pictures of him after the surgery because he didn't look so good. He was pretty swollen and he just looked drugged for the rest of the day. By yesterday afternoon though he was up and moving around and wanted to get out of the house. He asked me if we could please go run errands and just get out of the house. Today he was back to normal, if not a little crazier. I'm so glad that he heals quickly and his procedure was not too extensive.

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Linda said...

What a brave patient he is! Hospitals have made a good business out of our family this week.