Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brayden's wife

After I picked Brayden up from school today we had a funny conversation. To preface this - he has been really concerned lately about growing up and having to live on his own. He just doesn’t want to do that! He says he wants to live with us forever. He gets pretty worked up over it almost daily and wants my reassurance that I will allow him to do that. Of course I tell him that he can, but I know that he will change his mind in just a few years.

So today here is our conversation:

B: “Mommy, when will I have my own daughter?”

Me: Well, you will grow up, and go on a mission first. Then you will come home and meet a beautiful girl that you will fall in love with, get married, and then have kids.”

B: “But who is this girl? Do I know her?”

Me: “I don’t know who she is. But that’s something to worry about when you are older, not now.”

He sits back and thinks for a minute.

B: “I am going to marry a girl named Alicia.”

Me: “What? How do you know that?”

B: “I had a dream and I read a book, the Book of Alicia. That told me I would marry her.”

Me: “Is Alicia at school or in Primary?”

B: “No, I don’t know her but she is beautiful!”

Me: “What does she look like?”

B: “She has green eyes and short dark hair with a ribbon in it. The ribbon is pink or red and that makes her beautiful!” (He has had this thing for girls with ribbons in their hair – they are only beautiful if they wear a ribbon.)

He seemed very sure about this and I didn’t even know what to say – I was too busy trying not to laugh because he was SO serious. So, I guess if anyone comes across an Alicia that fits his description let us know so we can keep in touch with her so Brayden doesn’t have to look too far for his future wife. Oh, the funny things kids say! Gotta love em!


Linda said...

If I had not been involved in deep conversations with Brayden before, I would think you are exaggerating. BUT I have had too many detailed discovery sessions with him to doubt this one. I am so glad you are writing this stuff down!

Amy said...

Erin! I had no idea you had a blog. How funny is that? Love that pic at the top of your blog!

Amy said...

ps. That story about Brayden is hilarious.

Kellie Openshaw said...

That is so funny, ribbons do make all the difference! Just ask Amaya.

I just wanna squeeze Brayden everytime I see his picture, I think he looks like a little Garrett.

Heather Lee said...

Hi Erin,
Your blog is very cute. Sam got on our website and saw that you made a comment on it, and was wondering if we could get some contact information from you. What is your mailing address? Also, I saw that Kellie Openshaw posted on your blog, is she related to Sam as well? I know that Dave and Kathy really do not keep in touch with any of Dave's family, but Sam and I would like to so hopefully this blog thing is a good way to start!

compulsive writer said...

Hi Erin,

I've been trying to reach you about your bid on the Nie Nie auction I held, but maybe I had the wrong e-mail address. Anyway, you won the bar of green tea and lemon grass soap! Please e-mail me (henfeatherzATgmailDOTcom) a receipt for your donation of $15 to the Nie recovery fund and your mailing address and I'll get the soap in the mail to you right away. Thanks for supporting the Nie Nie Day auction.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hello! We enjoy being able to check in on your family through the blog. Evan is convinced that he gets to go to Arizona next, just he and Mommy, and have sleepovers with Brayden. Honestly, we're not sure when we can visit again. We are now starting our 3rd week of a really annoying teacher strike here in Bellevue, and we may never get a Spring break! But, we hope that we may still get to see you all at some point over the holidays! And if we have Spring Break, we would all 4 like to come and visit!