Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Outing to the park

Well, we found our camera cord for downloading pictures but now we have lost the memory card! What?!?! How does one lose a memory card, but not the camera, you might ask?? That is the exact question we have been asking Brayden - that dear boy has quite the knack for taking apart whatever he can and then losing interest. Maybe there will come a day when we will stumble upon our long lost memory card in a very unlikely place. But, that would require a deep cleaning so maybe not! :-) In the meantime we have a smaller memory card we can use...oh well!

A couple Saturdays ago Mark took the boys down the street to the park and they had so much fun! They started out on their bikes while Mark carried the remote control cars. After about a block Brayden didn't want to ride his bike because he said he was "too busy" (that has always been how he describes being tired) and instead wanted to run alongside Tarell. How funny that he was too tired to ride his bike but he could run no problem.

So they got to the park and pulled out the remote control cars - one is a HUGE jeep and the other is kind of a stunt car that can crawl and do tricks without crashing. Oh, boys and their toys. A great time was had by all - especially me since I got to sleep in! Oh happy day!
Here are a few pictures from the park...

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Linda said...

Remember the road trip we took and would repeatedly listen to a song that asked "Do you suffer from Long Term Memory Loss? I don't remember..." You could substitute the words "Do you suffer from Camera Memory Card Loss? You'll never Find It!..." Love you all!