Friday, January 9, 2009


So, have you ever wanted something but it just wasn't happening? Yeah, I know how that feels. I've really been struggling with this lately and can't seem to get past it. I know this will sound a little like I'm whining - and, well, I am! It's my blog and I'll whine if I want to!

I just don't understand why I can't seem to have this thing...let's call it a green bouncy ball. Other people can have green bouncy balls, some people have like 18 green bouncy balls. Even older women are having green bouncy balls , and teenagers - why??? Even people who don't want a green bouncy ball are surprised with them and not everyone keeps theirs. How sad!

Don't get me wrong, I do have one fabulous green bouncy ball, that I love so much, but I would love to have another. Is that too much to ask??

So, why can't I have another one? There seem to be plenty of them left. Nobody can even figure out why I can't seem to get a green bouncy ball - it just isn't fair! (I know, life isn't meant to be fair!)

Even as I write this I realize just how selfish and bratty and ungrateful this sounds...I just feel like something is missing. Something like several green bouncy balls. But, my head keeps telling me to be greatful for what I have. So, that is what I will do....but deep down I still want more green bouncy balls. Maybe I will find someone to give me their's. (Sigh!)


Jenny Knudsen said...

You are not selfish! I want you to have a green bouncy ball too. You are the greatest and I wish nothing but excellent things to happen for you. You are in my prayers! Love you friend.

Sawyers Family said...

My mom felt the same way in between her two of her green bouncy balls...there is a huge gap between those green boucy balls...and she thought there would never be another green bouncy ball. She read the story about Hannah and her green bouncy ball in the Bible and felt comfort. Maybe RIGHT NOW is just not the right moment...I am sure there are other green bouncy balls waiting to come to your family...and when they do they'll be loved more than any other bouncy green ball.
We'll keep you in our prayers!

jeana said...

I hope you have an abundance of green bouncy balls!! The one you have is super dang cute! :) hmmm blue and yellow make green. so lets say you are yellow.. which would make me yellow too... which means I am looking for BLUE!! yes... blue.. then green. Different challenges, same loving Heavenly Father who knows the bigger picture :) I love ya.. and will keep you in my prayers!

The Gotzingers said...

I have NO problem lending you my 5 green bouncy balls. They are all driving me nuts!! LOL.

I do hope this year will be your year to find that perfect green bouncy ball or to have your own green bouncy ball. My prayers are with you Erin. Hang in there. One or the other is bound to happen. I just know it.


Ryan and Kristin Liljenquist said...

After today, you can have my 4 green bouncy balls.

The Martin Family said...

I understand that desire for green bouncy balls. And I think Amy said it best when she said I hope you find or have your own green bouncy ball this year.

The Revie Family said...