Monday, December 29, 2008

End of the year wrap-up

**WARNING! Long post ahead!
Well, the end of the year is here much quicker than anticipated. I can’t believe how fast this past year went – but I guess we always say that right? There was so much we wanted to get done in the month of December but it just didn’t work out –the biggest thing being our Christmas cards. Yes, we were actually going to do cards this year. We even bought some. We were also going to get a family picture to put in them but that didn’t happen either. Sorry to all our friends and family! So instead this quick letter will have to suffice. But please know that we were thinking of you during this holiday and that we love you all!

This year has been a busy and productive one for all of us! Brayden started pre-kindergarten and is loving it. He has learned so much, some good and some bad. He seems to be a 21 year old stuck in a 4 year old body! He is very intent on doing everything his own way, doesn’t ever take advice, and loves to tell us all how smart he is and how he wishes that mommy and daddy were as smart as him. He has a very fun personality and loves to joke around and play but can also be quite serious too. His new favorite saying is “Don’t you realize I can do it myself” or “Gosh, you just don’t understand me!” We have a lot of fun with this sweet little boy and maybe someday he will get us raised the way he wants us.

Tarell is in 3rd grade, turned 8 years old, and getting smarter everyday! He gets to be with us every weekend too! He moved to Scottsdale with his mom, which is about 30 miles closer to us so that makes the weekly drive much better. Tarell got to play football earlier in the year and had so much fun with that. He continues to develop a sweet personality and is so helpful around the house. He definitely enjoys being the older brother and likes to teach Brayden all kinds of things. Tarell is pretty sure that he will be the one to teach Brayden to read – it’s too cute!

Erin graduated from nursing school in December and is so excited! She is studying for the state boards and will hopefully take those in January. Then she can get a job and start contributing! Just kidding! We are so proud of everything she has accomplished and she definitely deserves a little break. During her break, in addition to the studying, she has decided to repaint the downstairs and catch up on all the laundry that has accumulated. Maybe by next year all that will be finished.

Mark has had a busy year at work! In addition to his regular work he started a telemarketing department that is going strong! He now has 6 telemarketers that keep him busy so they can keep the rest of the company busy. His hard work has been paying off too – the company has been able to cut down on their marketing mailers while continuing to obtain new customers. We are so proud of him! He works so hard for our family – we love him!

Our Christmas was wonderful, filled with love and happiness. We spent it with family, all the while missing those not with us. We hope all our far away friends and family had a wonderful holiday also.

We have been so blessed this year and are so thankful for everything we have. We are also very thankful for the support and love of our family and friends – we couldn’t do it without you all! We are all looking forward to what the coming year has in store for all of us – it promises to be great. We love you all!

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rackele_d67 said...

Hey Sis,glad to hear that the family is doing well. WE love reading the posts and hearing what the kids are up to. Brayden cracks me up. I hope our kids get to hang out one of these days!