Friday, December 5, 2008

Catching up...

I have been meaning to post for several days now but better late than never! The Wednesday before Thanksgiving Brayden had a "Feast" for his class. Mark and I were both able to be there and it was so cute. All the kids sang a few songs for us before we ate. Preschoolers are so cute! They got so shy doing their performance but they looked so cute with their little turkey hats.

Thanksgiving was great. It was very small for our family but still fun. For some reason we didn't get any pictures.

Then, on Dec. 3rd, I took the biggest and scariest test ever - up to this point anyway. This test is the one that determines if I am able to graduate from nursing school and take the state boards. It is considered a predictor test for the state boards and was 40% of our final grade. I was SO NERVOUS! It was 160 really tough questions and I finished after about an hour - way too soon! When I got to #160, I chose my answer and then sat and stared at the computer screen for about 10 minutes, not wanting to submit the test - I didn't want to find out my score. I thought for sure I would cry if I didn't pass...oh, the agony! So, I finally submitted the test and got my score - I PASSED! With flying colors! I did awesome! And I am still on cloud 9 over it. Ahhh, 2 years of hard work and I am essentially done. I go back to school on the 16th and will officially be done on the 19th. Then I get to study for my boards, which I will hopefully take in January. Until then, I look for a job. I am so excited!

Tonite we decorated our Christmas tree - well, the boys did most of it. It's really cute! We got a smaller tree this year, you know, cutting back. I had visions of making this beautiful tree, you know, like a department store tree. Well, ours doesn't look like that at all but I love it. The boys did a GREAT job - it is beautiful! I love my family. I love my house. I love my life! Things are FABULOUS!!

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The Martin Family said...

Congrats on passing!!! I can't believe you are done. What a Christmas present to you.
Love the tree!