Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is my wonderful hubby's birthday. I promised I wouldn't publish his age but he is now in his mid-30's and as awesome as ever! Here are a few of my favorite things (but not the whole list because that would go on FOREVER!!) about the most wonderful man!
  • He is the hardest worker and always made sure to do whatever it took to help me get through nursing school

  • He NEVER complains!!

  • He is the best dad - always playing with and taking care of the boys

  • Mark is a "whatever it takes" kind of guy

  • He is always happy - this works well to counteract my moodiness!

  • Mark is always making our lives more exciting, fun, and happy

  • He can be a little bit silly and always makes me laugh! (See the picture) ----------------->

  • He loves me no matter what (That's what he tells me!!)

  • He is so supporting all the time

I am so thankful to have the most wonderful husband in the world! I love you Mark and hope you have a fabulous birthday!

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Anonymous said...

We think he is pretty wonderful, too! Erin, that is such a wonderful tribute to my brother! He is lucky to have you in his life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARK!

Jennifer, Steve, Davis & Evan