Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Polar Ice

A new Polar Ice skating rink opened close to our house and the boys have been begging to go there. So, I looked into it (can you imagine me on ice skates? Not me!!) and found that they offer some great kids programs. My favorite program is a 4 week intro course to ice hockey. The best part - it's FREE!! Even the equiptment is free to borrow. Awesome! Of course we signed up for it and have been 2 times now.

The first week the boys did great but spent more time on their little behinds than on their feet so I thought for sure they would hate it. But, they got off the ice and talked about how much fun it was for days after. Yeah!! There are 2 weeks left and they love going. Landon even loves watching his big brothers play. Maybe next year he can do it too!

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Amy said...

Ice hockey rocks! It is my all-time favorite sport to watch. I would totally put Thomas into a program like that, but around here (Sharks territory) there is no free program, or even discounted. Its all expensive, and you have to get your own equipment. I hope your boys keep doing well and just get AWESOME on the ice---they'd be great hockey players!