Friday, March 27, 2009

World Cup?

Maybe not the World Cup but to our 4 year old it feels like it. Yep, Brayden is now playing soccer again...and he is quite the player! He has really improved and just loves it!

And what does Landon do during soccer practice?? Plays on daddy of course! Next year he can play too and he can't wait!


J6 Lewis Family said...

Hey You!! How fun. It is way fun to watch too. So dang I was so sad I didn't get to see you at the reception. We were at Roosevelt camping all week and my mom and I left there and headed to the valley for all that was going on. I really would have liked to see you. I guess we need to comunicate more but I just assumed you'd be there. Anyway I guess next time huh. So how are you and all your boys? They are getting so big. Well I will talk to ya later. Sure love ya.

J6 Lewis Family said...

I forgot. Are you working yet? That is so great you are done.

J6 Lewis Family said...

Ok so I am kinda out of it. I saw you are working. So I guess the question is how is it going?

The Gotzingers said...

We hope to get our 2 oldest into soccer this year. Crossing our fingers. We've just been too dang broke to do so. Now that David is FINALLY working I think it may work! :o)

Your kids are so stinkin cute!!
Let's get together soon!