Friday, June 4, 2010

So long kindergarten!

The end of May brought Brayden's kindergarten celebration, also considered a graduation of sorts. It was the cutest thing ever and he was so excited! I can't believe that he is now a 1st grader! I'm so proud of Brayden and everything that he accomplished this year. He can now read at a 2nd grade level and is doing 1st grade math - awesome!! It was fun to see how proud he was of himself too.

On the last day of school there was a birthday party for one of his classmates that turned 7 and Brayden was so amazed that he can do everything his friend can do and is even ahead of the friend in math. He said "Mommy, I'm only 5 but Ryan is 7 and we can do the same stuff, except I beat him at math!! And we are in the same class!" Brayden told me that I was right, that he really is smart like I tell him all the time. I'm so glad he now realizes that he is smart.


Jamie said...

He's so cute! And you are beautiful!

Linda Owens said...

I can't believe he is growing up so fast! P.S. Kids NEVER believe their mother when she tells them they are smart. Remember?
See you later, alligator!

Me and my boys!!! said...

That is awesome...way to go you two!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the video clip!

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